A Celebration in My Mouth: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2010

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2010)

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Style:  India Pale Ale
ABV:  6.8%

Celebration Ale is a much loved seasonal beer (98 on RateBeer!) from Sierra Nevada.  The beer is, “dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Brewed especially for the holidays.”  Even though this tastes nothing like the holidays to me (maybe it tastes like California holidays), this is a great beer.  I’ve come to look forward to it each year.    It’s so fresh and grapefruity.  I love it.  It makes a nice counterpoint to all of the rich, dark, spicy beers I usually drink at this time of year.  The beer has an excellent hop bite that gets you right on the back of the tongue, which for some reason feels different than the typical IPA bite.

I wouldn’t say that this beer is for those who are generally not a fan of IPA’s–it does have a kick–but if you are open even just the littlest bit to the floral/bitterness of hops, then you might want to seek this one out.  It’s not going to knock your socks off with the hops, but it’s no Pale Ale either.


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