Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat: Dark “Horse” From the West

Cans really are better

Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
ABV: 5%
75% on RateBeer (haters gonna hate)

For some reason, I always look past the Manhattan, Kansas brewery, Tallgrass Brewing (even though I have liked everything I have had by them: Tallgrass IPA, this one).  They are a relative newcomer to the Missouri craft beer scene and all of their beers come in cans (which, despite my knowledge of the superiority of cans over bottles, is difficult to get past when I was raised on Busch cans).  However, I was in a special situation on Friday night as my wife and were heading out to celebrate my birthday.  We left straight after work and I was tasked with picking up the pre-party drinks for judicious consumption at the Moonrise Hotel before we went out for the night.  So I needed something that a.) would taste okay if it warmed up (had to drive to The Loop from North County) and b.) could be opened without a bottle opener.

I thought I was pretty much out of luck because, with the exception of Ferguson Brewing Company, NoCo is pretty much a no-go for good beer.  Lo and behold, on my way to pick up my wife, I spied a small liquor store named Gabi’s .  I didn’t expect much from their signage (Four Loko, Corona,  Budweiser), but I did see a Fat Tire sign, which ultimately prompted me to stop.  Inside was a surprise.  They didn’t have anything too special, but they did have the craft beer standards (Anchor Steam, Schlafly) some higher-than-standards (Two Hearted, Rogue Mocha Porter) and 4 packs of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat.

Buffalo Sweat is a pretty standard stout–unless of course your standard tops out with Guinness–in which cased this Stout is anything but.  Chocolatey.  Roasted Malty. And a thickness that doesn’t seem like it should be in a regular ole stout.  Seriously the mouthfeel is great with this beer.  All of these come together in a beer that is awesomely easy to drink.  My wife and I downed a couple on Friday night with no problem whatsoever.  I had one again today and remembered how much I liked it.

At around 8 bucks a four pack, you can find cheaper beers, but not by much.  I would recommend this one to your friend who thinks that Guinness is the “sweat of the Gods” (actual quote from one of my friends).

I usually try to include a music track to play while your drinking this beer, but Tallgrass already did it for me 🙂  Check out their “Beer Drinkin’ Music” playlist HERE.


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