Vanity Searches and The Twelve Hopostles

So, I was checking out the search terms that bring viewers to this blog.   There are a lot of people looking for good beer bars, Kentucky Breakfast Stout and good mobile beer apps–which can only mean that there aren’t enough of those things out there–I smell a business opportunity.  Anyone?

"goodbeerintheword"? How is that even a search term for anything?

Among the odd one-off nonsensical search terms (“goodbeerintheword”, “breakfast czy breakfasts”, “leave a comment”–I mean who actually searches for these things?) was the number one search term that brings viewers: “hopostle”.  Now, this was kind of weird because I thought I made this term up.  In fact, I thought it was pretty clever.  I found it surprising that not only was I not the only one to coin this term, but also that other people actually have searched for it (well…only seven people ever have, but I think my point still stands).

Why is St. Andrew throwing up the shocker?

So, I thought I would take a look at what pops up when you search for “hopostle” and see if I could tell if people were actually trying to get to my site or somewhere else.  The most interesting thing I found was this thread on from 2007.  26 year old  homebrewer, Boerderij_Kabouter, from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (Don’t worry.  I can’t pronounce any of it either) posted his idea for a series of 12 IPAs brewed with  exactly the same ingredients, save the type of hops.  Each IPA is dedicated to showing off a specific hop varietal (similar to and pre-dating Mikeller’s Single Hop Series and the upcoming variety packof Latitude 48 IPA from Sam Adams) and each beer would be named after an Apostle.  He calls his idea “The Twelve Hopostles”.  There are ingredients lists, recipes and label art for each beer, all of which are free for anyone to use.  It was

What's the buzz? Tell me what's a-happening...

really cool to see the level of professional work he put into his concept and made me really want to get back into brewing more.

If I had an extra 12 fermenters laying around (hell…even if I had more than one) I would definitely tackle this project.  It’s a very cool idea and I think really underscores the untapped creativity and passion that lies within the homebrewing community.  How awesome would it be if a major brewer picked up this idea?  A couple of other forum members have made some of the “Twelve Hopostles”, but there hasn’t been any activity since 2009.  Hit the thread link and and check it out.  While you’re there, leave a comment and see if we can spark some interest in this worthy idea.


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