Bat Creek Brewery Machine Shed Stout: What a Mouthful…

Machine Shed-dy Goodness

Machine Shed Stout
Bat Creek Brewery
Cream Stout
5.5% ABV
(No rating, yet.  Only 4 of them and one is me…If you’ve had this beer, take a second to rate it on RateBeer)

I love all the new breweries popping up in Missouri.  Urban Chestnut, The Civil Life, Perennial Artisan Ales and now Bat Creek Brewery from Bowling Green, MO.  Although they are in their third year of operations, they are new to St. Louis.  Technically defined as a “nanobrewery” (producing on a less than 4 US Beer Barrel brew system–124 US Gallons) and operating from a machine shed, Bat Creek produces five “year-round brews” and currently only has five locations selling their beer.

I really liked this beer a lot.  The label art is what caught my eye initially–very clean and well thought out.  The taste is what kept me interested.  Very full flavor (chocolate, roasty malts) for such a “small” beer.  At 5.5% ABV, you can have a few of these in a sitting and not worry too much about finding a ride home.  And I mean “small” in a good way.  There are times when I want a beer to knock me on my ass.  This is not that beer–and I appreciate that.

I think that this might be brewery to watch in Missouri.  They certainly caught my eye.

Their paltry review page on RateBeer prompted me to write my very first review for that site.  Check it out below and then head to The Wine and Cheese Place, pick up a bomber and write your own review.

from RateBeer:
I was pleasantly surprised by this beer..picked up a bomber out of curiosity from The Wine and Cheese Place in Creve Couer, MO. The label art caught my eye so I thought I would give it a shot. My first whiff of the beer was very earthy–I could almost see the machine shed in which it was brewed as I poured the pitch black beer into a glass. The color was spot on for the style–black oil with a frothy tan head. The taste was very balanced–not too sweet and incredibly easy to drink…in fact almost too easy 🙂 I could have definitely had a few of these back to back. The beer has a light body without being thin…in other words I did not feel like I was chewing this one, but definitely more substance than a Guinness. Overall, I think I expected very little from this beer, but was pleasantly surprised to find it utterly drinkable and even more than that— “sessionable.” I will be looking for this beer again. 


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