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Hopshot!: Warm day Schlafly APA



Hopshot!: WTF?!?


On the wagon is a cold, cold place. Herbal cleanse is over so I am free to drink as I please… WTF was I thinking?

Hopshot!: Stone Brewing Total Tap Takeover


Lucky four day weekend for this beer drinker. And iTap’s Stone release event started it off. I think I counted about 6 or 7 deep at the bar. Waited 30 minutes to unsuccessfully get a (second) beer. Was a little disappointed in the service at iTap, but not in the beer.

Hopshot!: Friday Night Beer


My wife and I are sharing a Barley Island Brass Knuckles Oatmeal Stout from Noblesville, IN tonight. No idea if this is available in STL because I bought it in Illinois. Nice and thick oatmeal stout. Surprisingly good from an an unknown (to me) brewery. Definitely a good pickup if you can find it. 4 of 5 stars.

Hopshot!: Birthday Lunch


Hitting both sides of the state today. Kickin it with the best sandwich in STL (Legend Club from Legrand’s Market) and the best brewery in KC (Boulevard…duh). Great birthday lunch!

Hopshot! Yard Work Redemption


22 lawn bags later our yard is (mostly) gumball free. Time for a break!

Hopshot! KBS


An hour drive for a beer? F yes. And I will do it again next year. Review to come….